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Feature Free Version Personal (DBA) Premium (DBA) Business in AWS Cloud Business in-house
Historical Database Configuration Changes
Historical DB2 Log Consumption
Database Workload Pattern
Historical Database Size
Database Backup History
Database Load History
Historical Top 20 Tables
Historical Top 20 Tablespaces
Historical Top 20 Dynamic SQL
Historical Bufferpool Performance
Historical db2diag.log Error Summary
Tables Needing Reorg
Manual Upload Capabilities
Automatic Upload Capabilities
Upload Quota 100 MB / Month 500 MB / Month 1 GB / Month Unlimited Based on Server Size Unlimited Based on Server Size
Processing Server – Shared vs Dedicated Shared Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated
Access to DB2PRO Repository No No No Yes - Read Only Yes - as Admin
Customization Request
Client Support

Online Ticket System

Turn around: best effort

Online Ticket System

Turn around: within 24 hours

Online Ticket System

Turn around: within 24 hours

Online Ticket System

Turn around: Based on Support Contract

Online Ticket System

Turn around: Based on Support Contract

Initial Installation Cost $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

$995 CAD

We offer free 1-month on an AWS t2.small server - see below

$7500 CAD

Hardware costs are at the client's expense - see below

Monthly Cost $0.00 $39.95 CAD $49.95 CAD

Based on A) Support Contract and B) AWS Cost

Starting from $300/month

Based on Support Contract
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Initial Phase - Free One-Month Trial on an AWS t2.small

Before you commit to a long term subscription to the DB2PRO System, we like to offer you a free one-month trail.  If you are interested to take advantage of this offer, you simply need to contact us and we will get the ball rolling within 24 hours.  Here is what you can expect:

Terms and Conditions

We will send you our Terms and Conditions for the trial period -  once you have reviewed and agreed with the terms and conditions, we proceed to the next steps.

New Dedicated Server on AWS

We will launch a new dedicated server on Amazon Web Services for the duration of the trial as we never share a server between two clients.  Your new server will be accessible via <yourcompany> address.  We can further fine-tune the permission as to whether you like the server to be accessible from certain IP addresses or from all IP addresses.  The free trial will run on a t2.small server (2 GB of memory, 1 CPU) and we provision up to 128 GB of disk space.  During the trial phase, it's best to trend only a few databases (up to 5) and not all the databases in your organization.

No Software Cost

We configure the server with our latest software stack.  There is no software licensing cost for you to worry about.

New Private/Public key

We will create a new AWS Compatible private/public key for you that you can use both internally and externally.  The key pair is used both for file transfer and remote shell execution.

Download Client Scripts

You will download the client scripts.  These are very basic shell scripts where you will need to edit/adjust to fit your environment.  For instance, you will need to specify the data path or any DB2 Instances that you like to exclude.  The client scripts don't have any compiled code - they will be a completely transparency.

Configure Client Scripts

You will then configure the client scripts and setup ssh handshake between your servers and <yourcompany> server.  This is a straight forward configuration but we are always available to answer any questions that you may have or help you with the troubleshooting.

Start Dispatcher Scripts

You will then set the dispatch scripts in motion.  You don't need any scheduling tool or cron - the dispatch scripts self regulate - all you need to do is to kick them off in the background.

Start Watchdog script

You will then set the watchdog script in motion.  The watchdog script will send you an email if any of the scripts encounter an error or they stop running altogether.

The DB2PRO System is Ready

Once we see the data flowing in to <yourcompany> server, we do a quality check and then fully turn the service on.  We will send you the credentials to login to https://<yourcompany> when everything is ready for use.

During your trial period, you can always contact us if you have questions or need clarifications - it's our priority to make sure this trial period goes successfully.

What is a Typical Cost for Running the DB2PRO System on AWS?

Our pricing model has two components, the Amazon Web Services component and the support contract.  There are no hardware or software costs and we have adopted a pay-as-you-go model where you can cancel at any time with a 1-month notice.

A small DB2PRO system can run as little as $300/month.  This can cover an estimated $100.00/month of AWS cost for your dedicated server and $200/month of support cost (2 hours of support).

This is our recommended approach if you like to fully outsource this aspect of your business and free up your DBA resources to work to on other more important tasks.

What is a Typical Cost for Running the DB2PRO System in-house (Client Hosted)?

If your company's policy does not permit you to transmit any data (even meta data in this case) to the cloud servers, you can have the DB2PRO system built in house.

In order to do this, you have to budget for a 2-week consulting contract which could run up to $7,500 + taxes.   All we need is a Linux server and permission to install the following software stack on it.

  • DB2 Express C
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Java

We can provided on-going support even if your solution is built in-house.  This is done via a consulting agreement.

What Happens After the Trial Period?

If you decide not to proceed further - we thank you for taking part in the trial period and we subsequently shut down the AWS server (<yourcompany>

However, if you are happy with the DB2PRO  System and like to proceed to the next step, we will setup a formal meeting and discuss your options and cost associated with those options.

General Consulting

In addition to the DB2PRO System, we provide general consulting services at $90/hour to $120/hour - depending on the duration and location of the job.

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