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Are you a DB2 LUW DBA?  If Yes, you are in the right place.

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Before you can use this system, you need to follow the instructions on the “Download” page, so that you can setup some scripts on your side to collect DB2 Snapshots and create .tar.gz files (we call these DB2PRO Packages).  You should let these scripts run in the background to regularly collect DB2 Meta Data or Snapshots on a periodic basis (hourly, daily, weekly).  You can edit and adjust these scripts as you see fit.

Ideally, once a day (or more frequently if you wish), you can upload your DB2PRO Packages using the “File Upload” page for processing.

You will then need to allow some time for our back-end code to ingest your files and populate our databases.  Depending on the volume and load on the system, this may a few minutes or an hour.  Once your packages are processed, the “My Dashboard” page will get updated.

If you have any challenges, you can always create a Ticket with us so that we could look into it.

If all fails, you can use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

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