DB2PRO System – End-User Training

DB2PRO System - End-User Training

This training focuses on how to use and customize a DB2PRO System.  In this training, each student will have his/her own DB2PRO System in the cloud where you get to "play" with.

We will also provide the laptops that are already configured with the necessary tools such as IBM Data Studio, MySQL Workbench, Cygwin, WinSCP, and DB2 Express C for an effective training.

This training focuses on:

  • General overview of the end-to-end solution
  • General architecture overview of the DB2PRO System
  • Client Component Setup on your training laptop
  • General overview of the DB2PRO demo site
  • Understanding the graphs and their features
  • Setting up your own web-pages in DB2PRO site
  • Setting up charts and graphs

Cost:   $995 per participant

Class Duration: 1 day

Support: 30 days

Location: 130 Albert Street, Ottawa ON, K1P 5G4 OR at the client's site

Please contact us if you wish for the training lab to be setup at your location.  Additional travel and setup costs may apply.

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