Scotiabank, Toronto, Canada

August 2010 to May 2011


  • Worked with WebFocus development team to use WebFocus as Data Integration Software from production Data Warehouse to the group’s data mart running on DB2 LUW.
  • Setup DB2 Snapshot Collection to analyze the database workload. Identify and resolved the DB2 and AIX bottlenecks to improve the performance of Bank of Nova Scotia Customer report (BNS_CUST) from 150 sec/hit to 8 sec/hit.  
  • Setup, configured and maintained a new development environment while correcting database structures such as table schemas and tablespaces. Performed an in-depth analysis of WebFocus ACX files to identify the tables that were obsolete.  Build the new development database without the obsolete tables.
  • Setup Monitoring scripts to produce daily performance report from the data in WebFocus resource analyzer tables and from various database objects.
  • Setup CVS server on the AIX database server for code versioning of database structure changes.
  • Setup and configured a new production environment similar to the new development environment and migrated the production database over.
  • Conducted knowledge sharing sessions.

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