Pulp and Paper Product Council

Pulp and Paper Product Council, Montreal, Canada

June 2013 to June 2014


  • Produced a detailed project plan for upgrading all DB2 LUW databases from DB2 V8.1 to DB2 V10.5 on AIX.
  • Installed and configured DB2 LUW V10.5 on AIX 7.1.
  • Ported and configured all users and groups from the old AIX 4.3 servers onto the new AIX 7.1 servers.
  • Configured file systems and volume groups on the new AIX 7.1 servers.
  • Reverse engineered DB2 V8.1 database structures and coded new build scripts to produce the same version of the databases plus additional enhancements to make it true 24x7 running on DB2 LUW V10.5.  
  • Re-coded backup and reorg scripts to support true 24x7 operation. Evaluated internal DB2 ADMIN stored procedures for the re-development work.
  • Participated in the design and configuration of the disaster recovery site and built a warm standby environment.
  • Provided support during production cut over and warranty phase.
  • The project was delivered on schedule and the client was extremely pleased with the work.
  • Post production launch, validated overall performance via OS tools such as nmon and DB2 LUW tools such as db2top. Validated the DB2 Diagnostics logs to be free of errors.


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