IBM France

IBM France, La Gaude (Nice), France

October 2003 to September 2004


  • Administered SAP and DSS production databases (Multi Tera Bytes) running on DB2 for AIX V7 and V8 platforms.
  • Led the DB2 team in three major disaster recovery incidents, involving database restores (Tera Bytes) plus roll forward operations from TSM.  
  • Participated in the weekly DB2 on-call rotation and resolved numerous critical problems under extreme time pressure.
  • Worked with System Architects to devise a new database structure layout strategy to improve performance, allow better manageability, promote stability and allow more parallel use of data by multiple user groups.
  • Produced detailed specifications for the migration of 22 production databases towards the new database structure layout (including Tera Byte SAP databases). At the Systems level, produced specifications for the allocation of the LUNs (Logical Disks) in the ESSBAY and the creation of VGs, LVs and FSs.  At the database level, detailed out the migration steps for each database, some using redirected restore and others using exports/loads.  Coded a Java application and a number of stored procedures to produce all the necessary scripts for each database migration.
  • Conducted ALL database migrations/maintenances successfully and received excellent feedback from the client.
  • Participated in DB2 Fixpak installation and DB2 version 8 upgrades. In two occasions, conducted emergency rollback of the installed Fixpack.
  • Identified problematic SQLs using historical dynamic SQL snapshots. Used DB2 Explain utilities to find and resolve the bottlenecks. Used live OS monitoring tools such as vmstat and nmon plus live DB2 monitoring and diagnostics tools such as db2top and db2diag to solve production crisis in timely manner.  
  • Used historical “List Tablespace [Container]” information to produced forecast reports.  These reports allowed studying the growth of all environments at database, tablespace and file system levels.
  • Used “Database, Bufferpool, …” snapshots to identify database bottlenecks and waste. Some bottlenecks included high percent sort overflows, low bufferpool hit ratios and high occurrence of deadlocks.  Waste included unused bufferpools and over-allocated tablespaces.  Put forth recommendations, made appropriate adjustments/configuration changes and measured the difference (improvement) in a quantitative manner.
  • Coded scripts (perl and korn shell) for automatically expanding the DMS tablespaces and producing tablespace utilization reports.
  • Oversaw and performed “code-promotion” of Informatica ETL jobs/korn shell scripts. Participated in the daily conference calls with the client regarding the DSS ETL activities.
  • Traveled to Paris to work with the client (Danone) on preparing the “Business as Usual” document for their DB2 environments.


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